Tanner Glass wishes Jets fans weren’t so mean


When the Washington Capitals paid a visit to Winnipeg on Friday night, the fans there showed the Caps how loud they can be when they serenaded Alex Ovechkin with chants of “Crosby’s better.” While Ovechkin took it all in stride being taunted that way, some Jets players didn’t really care so much for it.

Paul Waldie of The Globe And Mail catches up with Jets forward Tanner Glass who doesn’t like to see (and hear) the fans be so snarky.

“I don’t like that stuff. I don’t have time for that,” Glass said Saturday after the Jets practised. “Cheer for a guy or even against him but, I don’t know, I think that’s a bit much. … I wouldn’t be chanting it.”

Why so serious, Tanner?

The home ice advantage the Jets have playing in the intimate MTS Centre is perhaps their greatest asset. Having the fans not riding the opponents’ top players and not being perhaps the league’s most vocal fans would mean not having an intimidating atmosphere to play in.

Then again, maybe Glass would be happier playing somewhere quieter like Toronto.