It’s OK guys, Jeff Skinner didn’t mean to hurt Scott Nichol


Jeff Skinner isn’t the kind of player you see getting into too much trouble. Seeing him get nailed with a two-game suspension for kicking St. Louis’ Scott Nichol, however, can make you wonder just what was going through his head.

You’ll all be happy to know that Skinner didn’t mean to hurt Nichol by kicking at his leg while down on the ice. Chip Alexander from the News & Observer hears it from an apparently apologetic Skinner.

“I knew there was a chance I would get something for it,” Skinner told N&O correspondent Javier Serna before the team’s game against the Wild. “It obviously doesn’t look good. From my standpoint, I’m just trying to push off. There’s no intent there. It is a dangerous play. I understand that.”

Skinner is earning a bit of a tough reputation this season as he was accused of slew footing Washington’s Dmitry Orlov just two weeks ago and Brendan Shanahan said he’d warned Skinner about dangerous play just 24 hours before his game against St. Louis where he kicked Nichol.

Don’t let the baby face fool you, that Skinner is a killer!