Chicago ends Lethonen’s shutout streak in 10 seconds


Last night, the New York Islanders ended Ilya Bryzgalov’s shutout streak – and then added another goal 35 seconds later.

The “how quickly things can change” shutout theme continued today for Kari Lehtonen and the Dallas Stars, who might not look at their St. Patrick’s Day pre-game jersey gimmicks as so “lucky” anymore. Lehtonen carried a 128 minute and 32 second goose egg run into Friday and then saw Dave Bolland end it … 10 seconds into the game.

It got worse, too, as Patrick Sharp made it 2-0 about a minute and a half later.

With nearly half the first period remaining, there’s plenty of time for the Stars to come back. Still, if you want evidence of how drastically fortunes can shift from game-to-game (or even moment-to-moment) in the NHL, point to those two-goals-allowed clips by Lehtonen and Bryzgalov.

Update: the Blackhawks won the game 4-1. Check out highlights below.