An odd one: Jeff Skinner suspended two games for … kicking?


In many cases, NHL suspension videos lean toward rule 48 regarding head shots. You don’t see rule 49 come out of the woodwork very often – in fact, I can’t recall it off the top of my head, unless Chris Pronger’s infamous “stomp” falls under that category – but we got an example tonight. The league handed Jeff Skinner a two-game suspension for “kicking” St. Louis Blues forward Scott Nichol.

Here’s the video:

Skinner will be $9,729.72 poorer because of the game checks he’s losing, although the damage would have been greater if he had a prior history. It’s been an odd season for the reigning Calder Trophy winner, as he’s shown the skill to prove that wasn’t a fluke yet he’s dealt with concussion issues that marred a chunk of his sophomore year.

Obviously this is is an unusual situation, so PHT is intrigued to get your take. Should he have gotten more games, no punishment at all or was it just right? Do tell.