Chris Tanev isn’t willing to judge aliens before he meets them


Vancouver defenseman Chris Tanev wouldn’t try to foil an alien abduction, but he’d kick a shark.

We should probably explain.

The rookie Canuck was asked a bunch of questions based on the book, The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, and his answers were published on the team’s website.

On how he’d foil an alien abduction?

“Do I even want to? If they were friendly I’d probably go up and visit. I’m not sure if I believe in aliens, but I think there’s something out there. I’d go and see what’s up and it would be cool, unless they tried to probe me. Then I’d be in trouble and I’d just hope that someone sees the rays of light from the ship and maybe helicopters come shoot the thing – I don’t know.”

And what he’d do if he were attacked by a shark?

“I’d probably kick him, you have to kick him, I’d probably get eaten though. I don’t think that would turn out too well, but at least I would have kicked him.”

Tanev was posed other questions, like what he’d do if a bird flew in his house and how he’d open a coconut on a deserted island. Click the link to read his answers.

For what it’s worth, I’d foil an alien abduction by kicking a shark at the UFO.