Sean Avery’s days with Rangers franchise are done


The New York Rangers franchise has essentially cut all ties to the Sean Avery Era.

Andrew Gross reports that the AHL’s Connecticut Whale told Avery that he won’t be on the minor league squad’s playoff roster and “no longer needs to report for practices or games.” They were too professional to finish that message with a sassy send-off, but let there be no doubt that this is the final in a series of cold shoulders.

The future for Avery

Avery will turn 32 years old on April 10. He’ll be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

With those factors in mind, the league-minimum question might be: what kind of future is in store for the over-hyped agitator?

There were rumblings that two NHL teams were interested in scooping Avery up when he was last placed on waivers, so that implies that there could be at least a moderate market for his services. After all, if guys like Daniel Carcillo can keep getting contracts, why can’t Avery?

His value really couldn’t be much lower, however, as his career has been a disaster – albeit an entertaining one – ever since the Dallas Stars wildly overpaid him in 2008. My guess is that he’d get a minimal money offer, but unless he’s on the verge of becoming a star in the fashion industry, I’d imagine it might be worth it for him.


What kind of future do you envision for the Bart Simpson of hockey? Which teams might benefit from his blend of moderate (if over-stated) skill and sand paper? Do tell in the comments.