Fiddler on Bieksa impression: “obviously it hurt the caveman’s feelings a little”


With the Dallas Stars in Vancouver tonight to play the Canucks, hockey fans could be treated to the latest chapter of the Vernon Fiddler-Kevin Bieksa feud that came to a head Feb. 26 with…a hilarious impression.

Fiddler was asked this morning about the now-infamous angry face that Canucks coach Alain Vigneault so enjoyed.

“Obviously it hurt the caveman’s feelings a little, and he was talking about it, but it’s the game within the game,” Fiddler told reporters.

By the way, there’s history behind the hostility. It was Fiddler’s skate that slashed Bieksa’s calf in 2007, an ugly injury that cost the Canuck defenseman half a season.

“He was the guy who cut me open and then chirped me after about it,” Bieksa said on Feb. 26. “Class act.”