Oh look, Taylor Hall is hurting


The late part of the season is proving to be a tough time for Taylor Hall in his NHL career. Last season he wound up being knocked out for the year after getting hurt in a fight. This year, things aren’t as dire nor ugly but after taking a big bump on Friday night, his shoulder is hurting him and could keep him out of tonight’s game against Anaheim.

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal gets the update from coach Tom Renney about how Hall is doing after sitting out of practice yesterday.

“This was a maintenance day here for Taylor. Obviously, he’s had some issues with his shoulder and T.D. (Forss, the trainer) thought it best that he stay off the ice to let it settle down. We hope he can play,” said Renney.

The Oilers aren’t going anywhere other than the draft lottery this year. That said, after Hall’s high ankle sprain last year and now with this shoulder aggravation here, it’s got to be immensely frustrating for the Oilers to have their dynamic scorer getting banged up like this.