Zach Parise hopes his hand isn’t broken


Zach Parise doesn’t think he broke his hand while blocking a shot during Sunday’s game. At least, he hopes he didn’t. All the same, Parise would be justified if he was concerned when he discovered after Sunday’s 1-0 loss that he couldn’t use his hand.

Parise hasn’t gotten X-rays yet, so for now we can only guess at the extent of the damage. It’s fair to say that any significant injury at this stage of the season would be especially devastating for New Jersey. The Devils are still in the running for the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference, but they could realistically slip all the way down to seventh or perhaps even lower if they struggle in March. Parise got off to a slow start this season, but he’s now the team’s leading goal scorer.

Washington’s Brooks Laich’s stick struck Parise in the face during Friday’s contest, but fortunately that incident did not result in a major injury. We’ll see if his luck holds.