Talk amongst yourselves: Rangers hold off Bruins 4-3


The comments section is open. Go say what you think. No big whoop.

We’ll give you some topics:

—- Fight night… er, day at the Garden with three separate bouts. Maybe Brandon Prust wants to re-think that fight with Milan Lucic.

—- So much for it being a goalie showdown, huh? Tim Thomas and Henrik Lundqvist looked… Human!

—- A healthy and scoring Marian Gaborik makes for quite the weapon in New York.

—- How about we set up a race between Tyler Seguin and Carl Hagelin on the ice? Can we make that happen?

—- It’s never an official Rangers game unless we see John Tortorella blowing a gasket on the bench. Fortunately for him Derek Stepan can rip shots like he did on the game-winner.

—- Will Milan Lucic get a call from the league about his play at the buzzer hitting Ryan McDonagh?

Now go, talk amongst yourselves.