Victor Hedman doesn’t have a concussion.

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The Tampa Bay Lightning are without Victor Hedman on Saturday for the fourth straight game, but there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. After being tested by a specialist on Friday, Hedman got a bit of very good news: he does not have a concussion.

“He’s making great progress, and if things keep going the way they’re going, we’re hopeful he’ll be back to play within the next week,” Lightning head athletic trainer Tommy Mulligan said. “Throughout the week he’s seen a few doctors and we wanted to evaluate and see how he’s doing. There’s no concerns for anything long-term, no issues. He’s relieved.”

We can certainly understand why. If hockey fans have learned anything about concussions over the last several seasons, it’s that they’re very difficult to put a timetable around. Even concussions that are initially described as mild sometimes keep a player on the sidelines for months. The fact that the Lightning could have Hedman back next week is a huge boost as the team battles for a playoff spot.