Finally: Don Cherry is on Twitter


Week after week, Don Cherry sets Twitter abuzz with bewilderment, amusement and everything in between during his Coach’s Corner segments on Hockey Night in Canada. Now he – or perhaps some brave intern posing as him – will be able to interact with fans and the hockey world at large on the popular social media platform.

Cherry and Kathy Broderick, “Grapes’s good friend and producer on Hockey Night in Canada” will apparently be responsible for the @CoachsCornerCBC account.

Here’s a look at his avatar and what not:

source:  (click to enlarge)

One can only hope for:

  • Behind the scenes looks at his wardrobe selection process.
  • Late-night political statements that he might regret expressing the next morning.
  • Boisterous debates about fighting, checks and other areas of manliness.
  • Awkward digital kisses for Doug Gilmour.

Either that or he’ll go in the other direction by generally forgetting about his account altogether, which would be a bummer even parody accounts would likely continue to produce a CAPS LOCK-induced laugh or three.