Who would you bet on to win the Stanley Cup?


Now that the trade deadline has passed and rosters are what they are, let’s take a look at Bodog’s odds to win the Stanley Cup and see what the bookies think about each team’s chances:


Three thoughts:

—- Interesting that Vancouver is getting shorter odds than Boston. You’d think the Bruins would be the favorites if the two teams met in a rematch, and most people believe it’ll be harder to come out of the West than the East. Of course, a book also has to consider its exposure, and perhaps Bodog’s clientele comprises more Canucks fans than B’s fans.

—- Nashville at 18/1 is tempting. Everyone knows the Predators are tough to play against, but not everyone’s noticed they can score now. The Preds rank 10th in goals per game (2.78) and boast the league’s No. 2 power play. Throw in the three trade-deadline acquisitions and they’re legitimate Cup contenders.

—- Of all the long shots, Washington and Los Angeles might be the only ones that can actually win it all. The wild card for the Capitals is Nicklas Backstrom, currently on long-term injured reserved with a concussion. If he’s not done for the season — and yes, he easily could be — the Caps arguably have the highest ceiling of all the teams with odds above 30/1.

If you had $100 that you absolutely had to bet, where would you put it?