Leafs lose ugly enough to inspire “Fire Wilson” chants


Earlier today, PHT’s Jason Brough discussed the Toronto Maple Leafs’ need for 1) James Reimer to have a strong start and 2) Luke Schenn to avoid horrific turnovers.

The Florida Panthers built their 5-3 win off of some blatant failures in each regard as Reimer allowed two goals in 2:21, including one thanks to an absolutely unconscionable whiff by Schenn. (At least Schenn didn’t nail Reimer with his stick when he angrily reacted to the goal, although some Maple Leafs fans might have cheered for it.)

That 2-0 lead was just the beginning of an agonizing loss for the Maple Leafs, who flopped profoundly enough to inspire a “Fire [Ron] Wilson” chant a day after GM Brian Burke gave his fledgling goalies the dreaded vote of non-trade confidence. Don’t feel too bad for Wilson, though; he has a shiny contract extension that means he’ll get some more money (firing or not) and coached his 1,400th game on Tuesday.

A symbolic defeat?

If the Maple Leafs miss the playoffs – and yes, they still have a chance, morbid Buds fans – people might look at this as a microcosm of the season. Times were bad, except for Phil Kessel’s top line, as the American sniper scored goal No. 32.

(One thing that wasn’t typical, though: Nikolai Kulemin actually found the net.)

Wilson sad: a gallery of depression

To make some laughter lemonade out of this lemon of a performance, check out this gallery of unhappy Ron Wilson photos – which may or may not make Maple Leafs fans feel better.

source: AP(Feb. 18, 2012)

source: AP(Jan. 31, 2012)

source: AP(Nov. 13, 2010 – is that cheating?)

source: AP(Cheating again, March 2, 2010 but you’re not complaining right?)

source: AP(Hey look, he’s almost smiling … June 14, 2010)