Corvo wants revenge on Turris: “Hopefully he’s a man…I’m going to try and fight him”


Joe Corvo wants revenge. Thankfully for him, he’ll get a chance to exact it on Tuesday.

Tuesday, of course, is the next time the Boston Bruins face the Ottawa Senators — and the first time Corvo will face Kyle Turris after getting nailed into the boards during Saturday’s 5-3 win:

On Monday, the B’s defenseman expressed his displeasure with the hit.

I think if you look back at the game before [in Boston Jan. 31], I hit him clean in center ice,” Corvo said. “I made it a point not to get my elbow up in his face. But apparently he didn’t give me the same courtesy.

“So, let’s just say I’ll be looking for him right off the bat.”

Turris had a supplemental discipline hearing with the NHL discipline czar Brendan Shanahan on Sunday, but wasn’t suspended.

“Because there was enough head contact on this hit, the Department of Player Safety felt it was necessary to convene a hearing to examine the play further,” Shanahan said. “After reviewing the video extensively as we heard Turris’ explanation of how the play developed, we concluded that the head was not targeted intentionally or even recklessly and that the circumstances surrounding the hit contributed significantly to the amount of head contact that resulted.”

The explanation was of no solace to Corvo, who said he’s still shaken up from the hit.

“Two days of walking around, I’ve got a headache. Just because I didn’t lie on the ice and get carted off or miss a period — I don’t know. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a cheap shot,” said Corvo. “In my opinion, I think he saw my numbers and he took the opportunity to seek revenge from the game prior.”

“Hopefully he’s a man and he’s going to step up tomorrow when I come after him. I’m not going to try and hurt him, I’m going to try to fight him.”