Burke: Not trading Grabovski, turned down offer for Reimer

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Leafs general manager Brian Burke called in to TSN just after noon today and said he had nothing on the frontburner and nothing on the backburner so far as trades are concerned.

Aaaaand cue the awkwardness.

Burke did eventually comment on a couple of subjects (you knew he would):

—- He won’t trade C Mikhail Grabovski, a pending UFA, as he believes the two sides will be able to get a deal done. (Plus it would be pretty hard to give up his third-leading scorer as the Leafs battle to make the playoffs.)

—- He received a good offer for G James Reimer, but “turned it down flat.” (Hardly a suprise. There’s no big reason to believe Reimer can’t be a good goalie down the road. The question is, does Burke bring in a vet like Evgeni Nabokov as a temporary stopgap?)