Price’s tutor calls Ron Wilson ‘unfair’ for criticism of Reimer


Leafs coach Ron Wilson didn’t like goaltender James Reimer’s performance during Toronto’s 4-2 loss to Washington on Saturday, and he let the world know it. Wilson criticized Reimer for allowing two early goals on what he felt were “stoppable chances.” However, Eli Wilson, who tutors Carey Price and used to be the Senators’ goalie coach, thinks Wilson went too far.

“What Ron Wilson did was completely unfair,” said Eli Wilson, who isn’t related to Ron. “Not only as a goaltender, but as a person, as a teammate. The guy you have to lean on and be close to and depend on every night is your goalie. If you can’t do that, you’re in trouble. To single him out like that was unfair.”

Toronto’s recent woes have increased speculation that Toronto might attempt to acquire a goaltender before the trade deadline Monday afternoon. The Leafs have slipped to 10th place in the Eastern Conference and are three points behind the eighth place Winnipeg Jets, so regardless of what their team looks like Monday evening, they have to stop the bleeding soon if they want to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot.