Kyle Turris could be suspended for boarding Joe Corvo


When you think of thunderous checkers in the NHL, we’re betting that Kyle Turris’ name doesn’t immediately come to mind. Last night in the third period against the Bruins, Turris made his presence felt as he laid a monster hit on Boston defenseman Joe Corvo.

Turris received two minutes for boarding and he’s also earned a hearing with the NHL over the hit. He’s also earned a spot on Jack Edwards’ permanent enemies list given his reaction to the play. Does it fit the bill as a suspendable hit though?

Have a look at the hit courtesy of NESN.

It’s not a hit from behind but it looks like he caught Corvo in an unsuspecting manner albeit not exactly blindside. You could argue that Turris leaves his feet, but you could also say that’s just the physics of laying a big hit. It also might be considered a head shot as well.

If you needed further proof that Brendan Shanahan’s job isn’t easy, this is it. With the Sens having a game at 5 p.m. ET today, a decision will be handed down before then.