The City of Glendale is scrambling for money to pay the NHL


While the rumors about the potential sale of the Phoenix Coyotes roll on, the reality of the situation in Glendale, Arizona remains as uncomfortable as ever.

A report from Cecilia Chan of the Arizona Republic says that the City of Glendale is trying to figure out how to pay the remaining $5 million they owe to the NHL to help cover losses the franchise will incur this season. The city needs to find somewhere in the budget for that money by the end of April when payment is due to the league.

This is a new twist on what is an uncomfortable situation in the desert. Figuring out a city budget to cough up the funds needed to cover money lost means there’s city money not going to cover other needs in Glendale, something that doesn’t sit too well with some citizens and members of the city council.

Depending on what happens with the potential sale to Greg Jamison, the city may have to consider paying another $25 million again next season to make sure the team stays in Glendale for another year. For now, this story is just another sign that while the team is hot and winning on the ice, worries off of it aren’t going away.