Jay Feaster didn’t really mean to say he’d trade everyone

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Remember when Flames GM Jay Feaster went off after an embarrassing effort against Edmonton the other night? Feaster said he’d clean house if things didn’t get right and with the trade deadline coming up on Monday, that’s a pretty effective threat.

Turns out it was just Feaster getting a bit hot under the collar according to Randy Sportak of the Calgary Sun. After saying he kind of lost his mind the other night, Feaster was a lot more reasonable with his feelings regarding the oncoming deadline.

“It’s not as though we’re walking into that group and saying, ‘It’s do-or-die tonight. Lose tonight and you’re all gone on Monday’ but we all want to see what the response is,” Feaster said. “It isn’t just on the basis of what happened (Thursday) night. It isn’t just on the basis of that (Edmonton) game. And it probably won’t be on the basis of what happens Saturday.”

It’s good to see that Feaster wasn’t totally off his rocker, but with the Flames having a big game against the Flyers tonight, it may as well be put-up-or-shut-up time for Calgary. The Flames are just two points back of Dallas for eighth in the Western Conference and, as you might’ve heard, every point counts.

A stink bomb of a game against Philadelphia just might be the sort of thing that makes Feaster follow through with being a seller at the deadline rather than a buyer.