Darryl Sutter just wants Jeff Carter to go play


Now with Jeff Carter locked in on playing in Los Angeles, some are wondering just how he’s going to fit in. After all, he’ll be teaming up again with his former Philadelphia Flyers teammate and best friend Mike Richards and with the Kings having their own system, the worry is that Carter might have a hard time adjusting.

Kings coach Darryl Sutter tells Rich Hammond of L.A. Kings Insider that he just wants to see him play the game.

“It’s not really instructions. Just let him go play. Our systems, and all that, are pretty generic, and he has played most of it. Other than the odd tweak, or three feet somewhere (on the ice) where he’s got to be, there’s not much there. Just go and play. The issues, when guys get traded, is skating and travel and the legal part of it. They just want to play.”

It’s like a modern-day Shakespeare saying that “the play’s the thing” except… Not.

All the Kings need Carter to do is to spark the offense and score goals the way he’s capable of doing. Sounds easy, right? As long as Carter stays healthy it should be doable. With 25 points in 39 games in Columbus, Carter’s got the skills. Of course, L.A. is where offense has gone to die this season. The Kings are hoping that Carter can snap everyone out of it.