Watch Flames GM Feaster threaten his team on live TV


Since we often admonish coaches and general managers for banal hockeyspeak, full marks to Flames GM Jay Feaster for conducting one of the most candid interviews of the season.

During the second intermission of Calgary’s 4-3 shootout loss to Phoenix on Thursday, Feaster spoke with Sportsnet’s Roger Millions (yes, that’s his real name) about his frustration level with his team. See, the Flames had blown a 2-0 lead against the Coyotes…this coming off Tuesday’s embarrassing 6-1 loss….at home…to 14th-place Edmonton.

Take it away, Jay:

Watching poor ol’ Rog try to steer the interview in a positive direction is just delightful.

Millions: “So Jay, there’s a chance your team could still win this game…would you like to discuss that possibility?”

Feaster: /takes phone call from Dean Lombardi

Anyway, for all Feaster’s bluster, it’ll be tough for him to ship guys out at the deadline — if he decides to go that route. The Flames have 11 players with either full or modified no-trade/no-movement clauses, which I believe makes them the league leader in that category.