Report: Toews involved in car accident, leaves in ambulance


CBS Chicago reports that Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews was involved in a car accident Thursday morning and left the scene in an ambulance.

Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune reports the paper contacted a phone number belonging to Toews via text, and the response was “it’s nothing serious at all.”

According to witnesses, Toews’ Mercedes Benz hit a support beam of an elevated train (aka “The L”) in The Loop, a commercial center in downtown Chicago. CBS radio affiliate 670 The Score confirmed the vehicle is registered to Toews with witnesses reporting Toews was the driver.

“I saw his car in the pole,” Theron Banks, an employee at Steak Express said. “I came out. People were everywhere. Toews was in the ambulance. People were videotaping and taking pictures and trying to get autographs, but police said they couldn’t get autographs.”

It should be noted that Toews is currently out of the Chicago lineup with a concussion. It’s the second one he’s suffered since 2009, the first coming on a big hit from then-Vancouver defenseman Willie Mitchell.

Here’s a picture making the rounds that claims to be of the wreck (from