P.K. Subban keeps getting in fights – with his teammates


You know the old line with agitating players: “You hate the guy until he’s on your team.”

Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban might be the exception to that rule. The Canadian Press reports that Subban got in yet another practice scuffle, this time with David Desharnais. Take a moment to enjoy the fly-on-the-wall coverage of the kerfuffle:

Subban dumped his teammate to the ice and as Desharnais got up, he cross-checked and slashed Subban.

Other players stepped in before the confrontation got out of hand.

With that in mind, here’s the tally of teammates that Subban has infuriated to the point of violence this season: Desharnais, Mathieu Darche, Louis Leblanc and Tomas Plekanec. Things also got pretty heated between Subban and an assistant coach, not to mention all the opponents who want him to suffer a painful fate.

Josh Gorges describes the frequent practice fights as “a mere coincidence” and it’s undeniable that more defeats tend to equal more fights, but you’d be zany to deny that a pattern is forming for the petulant but talented D-man.

On the bright side, he seems to get along quite well with Carey Price:

source: AP

(You gotta love the triple-low five.)