Looks like Todd Bertuzzi’s getting a two-year extension


Since re-landing in Detroit, Todd Bertuzzi’s been a big man with savvy skills for the Red Wings. His ability to help move the offense and as well as his shootout abilities have helped him stick around and be productive.

Now his agent, Pat Morris, is saying that he’ll be sticking around Detroit for another couple of seasons. Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press hears from Morris that the two sides are working things out and a deal could be announced as soon as tomorrow.

Bertuzzi has 12 goals and 29 points this season while riding shotgun alongside Pavel Datsyuk and Johan Franzen on Detroit’s top line. When Wings GM Ken Holland brought Bertuzzi back as a free agent before the 2009-2010 season, many Wings faithful wondered why as Bertuzzi’s first stint in Detroit in ’06-’07 as a deadline pickup didn’t go well at all.

Since then, he’s persevered after spins with Anaheim and Calgary and has made Detroit his home for the last three seasons. Love him or hate him, and there’s plenty that do, he’s been a steady producer in Detroit — a fact that probably makes him disliked all the more.