Leafs GM: No firm offer for Nash, could be looking for a goalie


Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke was a guest on TSN Radio this evening and, as always, he had a few things to say. Click here to listen.

The bullets:

—- Burke says he doesn’t have a firm offer on the table for Rick Nash.

—- He may be in the market for a goalie prior to the deadline.

—- Certain members of the media are “dirtbags.”

—- He’s not interested in the Leafs making the playoffs and getting “my ass kicked.”

—- He’s not saying whether he’ll fire coach Ron Wilson If the Leafs don’t make the playoffs. In fact, it’s none of your business.

The first two points – about Nash and possibly addressing the goaltending situation – are the big ones. After all, we already knew that Burke doesn’t get along with every member of the media. And of course he wants to win the Stanley Cup, not just make the playoffs. And he absolutely has to fire Wilson if the Leafs don’t make the playoffs.

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