Daly to Seattle: Relax, Coyotes haven’t been sold yet


Seattle sports fans are desperate to get their NBA team back. As such, they’ve got a lot riding on the future of the Phoenix Coyotes.

Wait, what?

A quick refresher for those who may be confused:

—- There’s a plan to build a new arena in Seattle that could house an NBA and NHL team.

—- The guy building the arena, hedge-fund manager Christopher Hansen, would own the NBA team, assuming he can find one.

—- But the whole thing might not make financial sense without a second tenant for the arena, an NHL team.

Therefore, when it was reported that the Coyotes were close to being sold to Greg Jamison (who would keep them in the desert), Seattle sports fans wondered if their arena plan was doomed. After all, if the Coyotes stay put, there isn’t a readily available NHL team to relocate.

Today NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly talked Seattle off the ledge, telling KING 5 that a deal to sell the league-owned Coyotes hasn’t been reached.

“We are the owner of the team, and thus should know if and when we have a deal to sell the team,” Daly said.

“I have unequivocally denied (several times) that we have a deal with Jamison, (much less that the Board has approved him).  I hope it gets done with Jamison, but there is a long way between here and there.”