Brandon Dubinsky isn’t bothered by trade rumors


While we’re all wondering about what teams are going after Rick Nash, the other side of rumors is how they affect the players who are mentioned to be headed out of town. For Rangers forward Brandon Dubinsky, he’s taking everything in stride.

After being mentioned as a key component to the Rangers doing a deal with Columbus for Nash, the talk can get tiresome. Andrew Gross of Ranger Rants hears from Dubinsky who says he’s not going to let talk disrupt his game and how things are going with the Rangers.

“Trades are part of the game,” Dubinsky said. “Until Slats (GM Glen Sather) calls me and says I’m not here anymore, I’m going to work my butt off. It’s all rumors. It’s just part of the game.”

Gross also reports that Dubinsky said it would “suck” to get traded. Going from the best team in the East to the worst team in the league would certainly qualify as being “sucky” if it were to happen.

The curious part of the Dubinsky rumor is that the Jackets have had a thing for him for some time. He’s also having a down season with just six goals and 25 points. Insert proper Blue Jackets management snark here.