Alex Burrows isn’t a big fan of the Maple Leafs


The Canucks and Maple Leafs don’t play each other often and in Vancouver forward Alex Burrows’ case, he’s probably upset that he doesn’t see the Leafs more.

When the teams meet up tonight in Vancouver, it’ll be their second meeting of the season and Burrows makes it known to Sportsnet that he really doesn’t care very much for the Leafs at all.

“The Leafs have always been a team I hated as a kid,” Burrows said. “I know a lot of fans in Vancouver don’t like this team. … It just makes it extra special.”

Burrows is already a guy that gets under a lot of opponents’ skin as it is, but having him out there when he actually doesn’t like the opposing team is a bit unnerving. About the only other time you can think of Burrows in that kind of spot would be against Boston in the Stanley Cup finals and Burrows got away with biting Patrice Bergeron.

Here’s to hoping Burrows can keep his chompers to himself and stick to the old fashioned ways of being annoying by face-washing and scoring timely goals.