Steve Moore’s legal team wins court ruling


Back in January, Steve Moore’s lawyer, Tim Danson, argued that an Ontario court should know why Todd Bertuzzi had dropped his lawsuit against former Canucks coach Marc Crawford that alleged Crawford had encouraged Bertuzzi to seek retribution (which he did) against Moore on Mar. 8, 2004.

Danson also wanted to know why a counter-suit by the club against Bertuzzi was dropped.

“This agreement … is the hockey code in action,” Danson said in court. “It’s making sure that those on that side are making a united front against Mr. Moore.”

This week, the judge agreed with Danson.

A ruling from the Ontario Superior Court, dated Wednesday, said minutes of the meetings that led to the settlement, which were conducted over three days in July 2011, must be provided to Moore’s lawyers within eight days of the decision.

Moore’s multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Bertuzzi and the Canucks is set to begin in September.