Scott Gomez is now Nick Jonas’ landlord


Montreal Canadiens center Scott Gomez isn’t all that great at hockey anymore, but give him credit: he seemingly gives us a reason to laugh every other day. He’s also filthy rich.

Those factors came together in a delicious stew today as it was revealed that pop star Nick Jonas is renting a Gomez-owned apartment for the meager fee of $23,000 – per month. (Yes, that deserves italics.)

Designer Marc Jacobs also once inhabited the apartment, which means I’m unqualified to mock two-thirds of the famous people in this story.

According to the video from the Wall-Street Journal, the three-bedroom apartment has six TVs. You know what that must mean, right? Yup, there’s probably a flat screen in the bathroom. I guess Jonas and Gomez get the last laugh, then, huh? (Cries.)

The best part of the video – in my opinion – is when one of the pundits wonders how an NHL player can afford such an apartment. That’s gold, folks.