Brad Marchand might be in trouble again after going low (again)


The NHL hit Boston Bruins troublemaker Brad Marchand pretty hard for clipping Sami Salo earlier this season, making him sit five games. That reason alone justifies the attention that Marchand’s most recent run-in with Alexei Emelin is receiving:

The optics on this one fail to make the same impact as the low blow on Salo, but to some, it’s evidence that Marchand didn’t “learn” from sitting in time out last time. Speaking of hits that involved Marchand, Paul Chiasson of The Associated Press blessed us all with this shot of his collision with P.K. Subban:

source: AP

In case it matters to you, Marchand received a two-minute minor for his behavior during the game, which didn’t stop Boston from winning 4-3 via a shootout.

Of course, there will certainly be those (plenty of Bruins fans, one might guess) who see nothing wrong with what Marchand did, so where do you stand on the clipping incident? Let us know what kind of punishment – if any – Marchand should receive.