Proposal to build NHL-ready arena in Seattle could be unveiled tomorrow


Thursday, Feb. 16 could tell the sports world a lot about Seattle’s chances of building an NHL-ready arena.

The Seattle Times reports that “mystery man” Christopher Hansen* plans to unveil his proposal to build an arena that could house NBA and NHL games tomorrow. The wealthy 44-year-old man didn’t really provide details on a target date for the potential arena build – or really any other pertinent bits.

(He does speak in “self-effacing tones,” though, so that’s pretty neat.)

Seattle certainly makes sense as a potential NHL city, although a possible return of the NBA would kill my (probably lonely) dream of having a hockey team named the Seattle Sonics. Anyway, here are a few other PHT bits on the Seattle scenario:

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* – No, not the “To Catch a Predator” Chris Hansen.