Friedman: Nash trade likely, but not before the deadline


In case you haven’t read it already, Elliott Friedman has a good piece on Rick Nash over at that we thought you might enjoy.

To be brief, Friedman concludes after speaking to some GMs and execs that a trade will definitely happen, but it’s more likely to go down over the summer.

“You can’t go back now,” one GM said. But he and others believe the deal won’t get done until the draft.

While it’ll be painful to have this drag, it’s probably for the best. Only one team is going to get Zach Parise, which will make Nash an even hotter commodity. Maybe another team makes a run and appeals to him. The trade contenders will have time to work their budgets/cap space.

And for all you Philly fans out there, the following sentence is found in the article: “There are a lot of teams who think this has Flyers written all over it.”