Video: Briere gets Kronwalled, much like how Kesler got Kronwalled


Early in the second period of Sunday’s 4-3 loss to Detroit, Flyers forward Daniel Briere got labeled by Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall:

That Kronwall laid wood in such demonstrative fashion is no surprise. The Detroit defenseman is one of the league’s most feared open-ice hitters, known for throwing punishing checks at the opponent’s blueline.

That said, there was something unique at play — Kronwall led with his back.


We first saw this during a December game against Vancouver, when No. 55 tagged Ryan Kesler:

For a visual comparison, check out the near-identical points of impact:

Kronwall on Kesler:


Kronwall on Briere:


So, uh, what are we calling this type of hit? The flying posterior? A 180 bodycheck? I feel like there’s a really cool nickname out there I’m not thinking of, and I feel like it involves the word “scorpion.”