Sedin twins: Artists on the ice, only

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I’ve run into a few identical twins that were actually semi-distinguishable, but to be fair, they were attractive women who warranted a few extra looks. Most would probably agree that the Sedin twins could pull off the “switch jerseys and no one would really notice” routine with relative ease (aside from maybe No. 33 suddenly taking more shots than No. 22).

Pass it to Bulis passes along the twins’ amusing/disturbing self-portraits via this Swedish newspaper, which shows that they don’t have identical artistic skills:

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So if we lived in alternate universe in which self-portraits took human form, it would be super-easy to tell the two apart. Henrik (on the left) would look pretty much the same aside from his creepy dead eyes. Daniel (right side in photo), however, would have an unsettling grin and a misshapen face.

In a rare instance, reality > fantasy, at least if you ask me.

(H/T to Puck Daddy)