Mike Milbury’s rant on elbowing


Eric Staal’s elbow on Tomas Plekanec might get some attention from the league, but Plekanec’s “reaction” certainly drew Mike Milbury’s ire. Delight in his rambunctious reaction to that hit and recent suspension-related trends (“Suspend me for liking it”) and relish Keith Jones’ attempt to play the devil’s advocate:This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

Staal ended up having a great game as his two goals helped trigger a 5-3 comeback win for the Carolina Hurricanes. Should the elder Staal brother sit out a couple games with a suspension for the hit, just get a fine or nothing at all?

Perhaps more importantly: do you find yourself aligned with Milbury’s viewpoint or do you oppose it? Share your thoughts in the comments (but try to be nice, please).

(Editor’s note: I might steal Milbury’s “Cry me a concussion river” line either way.)