Stop the presses: Scott Gomez scored a goal


The most well-documented slump in hockey has now come to an end.

Scott Gomez finally found the net after a year and four days, as the last time he collected a tally was Feb. 5, 2011. I’m not going to lie; when I first realized he scored, I had to check the box score and ascertain that it wasn’t an empty-netter.

That was not the case, and much like his last goal, Gomez’s tally ended up winning the game for the Montreal Canadiens. It came on the power play about 10 minutes into the second period:

Sure, Max Pacioretty was the real star of the 4-2 win with an impressive hat trick, but it’s tough not to gravitate toward Gomez’s salvation.

In honor of all the Internet memes that died tonight, here’s this amusing photo (via The Associated Press) of someone trolling Gomez on the anniversary of his now-second-most-recent goal:

source: AP

So let me ask: is that display clever, offensive or maybe a little of both?