Ville Leino wonders: Why so serious?


Ville Leino is a guy that’s taken a lot of heat in Buffalo this year for not producing, but he’d like everyone to just have a laugh.

Leino tells John Vogl of the Buffalo News that a lot of the Sabres problems this year have come because they’ve been taking things too seriously.

Leino explains himself and wonders, “Why so serious?”

“Sometimes it seems like, especially around here, I’ve noticed it gets a little serious. You forget to have fun, and you forget all those things you play hockey for. You get a lot more out of yourself if you’re enjoying what you do.”

Leino wasn’t loving life so much for most of the season as he’s put up just four goals and nine assists after signing a monster contract with Buffalo over the summer. Things are getting a little better for Leino of late though as he’s got three points in his last five games. That might not sound like a lot, but when compared to what he’s done this year, that’s a virtual tear.

If the Sabres are going to make a run at the postseason, Leino not being serious might wind up being the best thing for Buffalo. That said, given how poorly Buffalo’s season has gone you have to wonder how well his thoughts are going to be received.