Striking while the iron is frozen, Sens launch season-ticket campaign


Losers of seven straight and plunging down the Eastern Conference standings, the Ottawa Senators have launched a season-ticket campaign.

In marketing speak, it’s what they call…not very good timing.

Anyway, the Sens hope to raise their season-ticket base from 11,300 to 13,000 and have cut prices on a number of seats to make it happen. It looks like the cheapest season ticket is $660, while the most expensive is $6.590.42.

In addition to locking in guaranteed revenues, Senators president Cyril Leeder hopes to make games at Scotiabank Place less – how should we put this? – Toronto Maple Leafy and Montreal Canadiensy.

“We have 11,300 season ticket holders, but that means we have 8,000 tickets bought by other fans,” he said, as per the Ottawa Citizen. “We want more Senators fans in the building on a regular basis.

Case in point, here’s what it looked like Saturday when the Leafs scored in Ottawa.