Did Evander Kane play through a concussion?

When Evander Kane went down for the Winnipeg Jets after suffering a concussion, it was a blow to the team as they’re short on offense. Now that he’s back in action after returning last night, people are curious about his recovery. As it turns out, there’s a question lingering about his injury.

Was Kane injured sooner than mid-January when he went out of action? Kane tells Paul Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun that it was a series of hits that did him in and eventually put him out of the lineup.

“The hit that probably rung the bell the most was against the Islanders a while ago (Dec. 20),” Kane said. “It didn’t really bother me too much. I got over it the next day. No symptoms or anything.”

Wait, what? A month later he was rung up again in a game against Buffalo and decided to get checked out because while he didn’t feel like his game was affected, he wasn’t feeling the same either.

If you thought that figuring out concussions was an easy thing to do, Kane’s situation proves you wrong.

From the moment he was initially hit on December 20 until the game against Buffalo on January 19, Kane slumped badly with three goals and three assists in  a span of 15 games. Scoring droughts don’t always mean injury, but in Kane’s case after a wicked blow to the head, closer examination might’ve done some good.

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