Brooks Laich is indestructible, game-time decision to play tonight


Brooks Laich is clearly made of sterner stuff than the rest of us.

After getting his knee banged up bad enough to leave Sunday’s game against Boston and being told that he’s got a sprained knee, Laich was out on the ice at the Caps’ morning skate today as they prepare for tonight’s game against Florida.

Will we see Laich out on the ice tonight? Chuck Gormley of get’s the word from the man himself after practice.

“I hope so,” Laich told a crowd of reporters. “I felt good on the ice. Turning, pivoting, everything felt pretty good. “Usually, the decision isn’t up to the player. It’s the coaching staff, you have to try to convince them sometimes. Hopefully. We’ll see tonight.”

It might be time to see if Laich is made of Adamantium like Wolverine.

The fact of the matter is though that the Caps need Laich to be out there. Losing a top center and a penalty killer would be a horrible blow to an already hobbled Caps forward unit.

Without Nicklas Backstrom they’re very thin up the middle and taking Laich out of that mix makes it that much worse. Caps coach Dale Hunter will need to be absolutely sure he can go as the Caps don’t want to risk him getting hurt worse and being out long term.