Ryan Miller breaks Dominik Hasek’s franchise record


With Saturday’s 4-3 shootout victory against the New York Islanders, Ryan Miller has surpassed Dominik Hasek as the Buffalo Sabres’ all-time leader in wins.

Like so much else this season, it didn’t come easy for Miller.  He had to face 38 shots, including nine in the overtime period alone and late into the second period his team was still down 3-1.  On top of that, the win, which was his 14th of the season, might have been sweeter if it had come in November or December, but a concussion and Miller’s subsequent struggles ruined the chances of that happening.

Even with Saturday’s win in the books, Buffalo’s chances of making the playoffs this season are slim and the odds of Miller salvaging his 2011-12 campaign don’t seem much better.  Still, on Saturday Miller further cemented his position as one of the Buffalo Sabres all-time greats, even if he isn’t one of this season’s top netminders.