Claude Noel: “We’ve got what we’ve got.”

Winnipeg Jets coach Claude Noel is starting to learn the harsh realities of what it’s like to coach the team that used to be called the Atlanta Thrashers. After last night’s loss to Florida, Noel couldn’t help but be frustrated about how the team played and how he just doesn’t have the horses needed to win.

Harvey Fialkov of the Florida Sun-Sentinel gets the word from Noel about how he wishes he had the superstar power to help them overcome adversity.

“Do I like the one goal we get every game? No,” said Noel. “Would I Iike to see it change? Yes. Do I coach that way? No. That’s what we have, but there’s still a way to win the games. We don’t have (Sidney) Crosby or (Evgeni) Malkin. We’ve got what we’ve got.

“Our team right now can’t give up 20 minutes of free freakin’ play and expect you’re gonna be able to win the game.”

The Jets don’t have Crosby or Malkin but they also don’t have Evander Kane thanks to a concussion and they’re just getting Dustin Byfuglien back into the flow of things after his injury.

Things will get better eventually, but for now it’s one of those slumps. Rather than being upset about what he doesn’t have, Noel should stay focused on how the Jets have a shot at making the postseason instead.

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