Coyotes GM won’t trade Shane Doan, “Soul of franchise”


The Phoenix Coyotes aren’t in the Western Conference’s top eight right now, but they’re still hovering in the bubble. The team’s relative struggles have spawned some trade rumors, though, including ones involving their heart-and-soul captain Shane Doan.

To some extent, they make some sense, especially with the team’s perennial ownership struggles making another contract far from a guarantee. Coyotes GM Don Maloney has a simple answer to those questions, which he relayed to ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun: the team doesn’t want to move Doan unless their captain is the one pulling the trigger.

“Shane is the soul of this franchise, as long we we’re here and he wants to stay here then he’ll be here,” Maloney said. “I have no question whatsoever that if we get an ownership group in place, then we’ll get a deal done with Shane. He’s not going anywhere, unless of course he came to us and asked us otherwise. He’s still a very good player and we want him here for a few more years.”

Of course, there are some Doan-sized caveats in that statement. The biggest “if” is obviously the ownership situation, but if Doan wants out, he can obviously say the word.

Doan is having a solid season so far, with 15 goals and 30 points in 50 games. Those totals include three goals and two assists in his last five contests, so his trade value should at least be solid for contenders looking for a rugged leader with a bit left in the tank.

You know, if Doan wants to leave.

Maloney said that the Coyotes could actually be buyers instead of sellers during the trade deadline if they turn things around a bit, so the discussion could swing in the opposite direction if Phoenix has a strong February.