Ottawa fans give Kessel, Phaneuf the urinal treatment


One of the truest time-honored dishonors in hockey seems to be the “urinal treatment.” This practice happens when an industrious fan immortalizes a particularly disliked member of an opposing team by fastening some sort of identifier – sometimes a photo or maybe a playing card – to a urinal or toilet.

Ottawa fans weren’t shy about booing members of the Toronto Maple Leafs during All-Star weekend, but the most amusing bit of trolling probably came in the “urinal treatment” Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf received. (No word on if Joffrey Lupul received the same “tribute.”)

Connor Rose passes along the story, which includes the following photographic evidence from Stephen Smith of the SensTown blog.

source:  (link)

source:  (link)

So I must ask: if you were Phaneuf or Kessel, would you be oddly flattered by these golden tributes? Ottawa fans not liking them is evidence that they’re doing their jobs, after all.