Buffalo captain wouldn’t choose any All-Star to join Sabres


There are your tiny fibs. There are your standard lies. There are your real whoppers. And then there’s whatever Sabres captain Jason Pominville said today in Ottawa in response to an interview question by teammate Luke Adam.

According to the Buffalo News, Adam — doing one of those fun teammate interviews that players will do from time to time — asked Pominville which All-Star he’d pick to join the 26th-place Sabres if he could choose just one.

Pominville’s response? “I don’t know if I’d pick a player. I like our team. I like everybody we have. I like the chemistry we have in our locker room, so I would keep it that way.”

Pominville is expected to miss 3-4 weeks with Pinocchio-related symptoms.

He’s also been offered the Columbus GM position.