NHL Awards staying in Las Vegas for next three years

The NHL Awards gala will be sticking around in the desert for the next three years.

The NHL has signed a new deal with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to continue bringing the NHL’s star-studded gathering to hand out their trophies for the next three years. The NHL Awards have been a Hollywood-like production in Las Vegas since 2009 when the ceremonies moved from Toronto to Nevada to take advantage of the glitz and glamour that is Vegas.

Now that things are set in place to make sure the NHL’s last big show of the season stays in Vegas for the next three years, we’ll get to see more fun and awkward sights like Pavel Datsyuk giving his best speech, awards host Jay Mohr expressing his abject fear of Alex Ovechkin, and all of your favorite NHL stars dolled up in suits and looking really out of place.

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