Crosby back in Pittsburgh, date with team specialist next


Sidney Crosby’s trip to California to be checked out by a neurological spine doctor is over with and he’s back in Pittsburgh where he’ll continue skating in hopes of getting back to game action. There, Crosby will meet with the Penguins’ concussion specialist to see just how he’s doing.

Penguins GM Ray Shero provided the update on Crosby and where he’s at and, as always, hope springs eternal for the Pens.

“Hopefully we’ll see next week where he is. We’ll get the reports from California and compare those to what has been done so far. With Sidney, we want to continue to look to see how we can get this under control and manageable and get him to play. Like I said before, he’s not going to (play) until the symptoms subside. Hopefully, we’ll have him back at some point soon.”

Crosby was doing his part skating while in California and should those reports turn out well for Sid The Kid, the optimism of seeing Crosby return before the end of the regular season will grow.

The Penguins have managed well without him thanks to the play of Evgeni Malkin who is putting in an MVP-like season. If Crosby does return in time for the playoffs, dealing with the Penguins with both Malkin and Crosby could turn into a nightmare for the Eastern Conference.