Alfie wants to play one more season


Ottawa captain Daniel Alfredsson isn’t ready to retire.

Yesterday the 39-year-old joined Gary Bettman on the commissioner’s radio show and said, “The way this season is going, if I’m still healthy after this season, I’m hoping I can go one more. This year has been so good. If we can make the playoffs, that would almost be a dream come true.”

Alfredsson has one year remaining on his contract; however, while his cap hit is $4.875 million, his salary is significantly less at $1 million. And really, who among us would play hockey for a million bucks a season? That’d be like volunteering.

Of note, the Sens would still be responsible for his cap hit if he were to retire, as the contract was signed after he turned 35.

Based on Alfredsson’s offensive production, there’s no real reason to hang ’em up – his 38 points put him third in team scoring.

Prior to Ottawa making an unexpected charge up the Eastern Conference standings, there was speculation Alfredsson could be traded to a contender for a chance to win a Stanley Cup, something that’s eluded the Swede so far. But apparently that speculation will have to be reserved for next season.